Council and Committees

The AIJA Council consists of a total of 30 elected and appointed representatives from the judiciary, tribunals, court administrators, the legal profession, government service and academia. Council members take a very active tole in the Institute's affairs - chairing committee and working parties, and providing direct assistance with the planning and development of both the education and research programmes.

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The AIJA has 3 Standing Committees:

* a Membership and Communications Committee - to promote the utility of the Institute to its existing members and
   potential members;

* an Education Committee - to develop proposals for educational activities to be undertaken by the AIJA and to
   make recommendations to Council for as to the AIJA's policy in relation to its educational activities;

* a Research Committee - to develop proposals for advanced AIJA research into matters of judicial
   administration and supervise research projects conduct by the Institute.

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Education Protocol  
- Joint Ventures Protocol  
Life Membership Protocol  
- Media Protocol  
Research Protocol  
Sponsorships and Donations Policy & Procedure Protocol