Australasian Therapeutic Jurisprudence Clearinghouse

Welcome to the Australasian Therapeutic Jurisprudence Clearinghouse, sponsored by the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration. Therapeutic jurisprudence is one of the most significant developments in the justice system. Its wide-ranging implications for judging, legal practice, court administration, corrections, legal institutions and processes generally and for legal and judicial education can be seen in the diverse topics and materials referred to on this site. For an explanation of therapeutic jurisprudence, click here.

The aim of the clearinghouse is to promote the exchange of information concerning therapeutic jurisprudence and its application and development within Australasia. For developments elsewhere, see the website of the International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the International Links page on this site. We cordially invite those involved in the theoretical development or practical application of therapeutic jurisprudence in Australasia to contribute links, news and references for posting to this site. The site is in the process of ongoing development. To contribute or to make suggestions or comments, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The clearinghouse has a resources page, a page containing news concerning therapeutic jurisprudence particularly in the Australasian context and an international links page. The site also has special pages that introduce key issues in the application of therapeutic jurisprudence to the topics listed below. The discussion of these topics is not meant to be comprehensive and those seeking further detail are encouraged to refer to the references listed on the resources page.

Civil and Administrative Law
Court Administration
Court Diversion Programs
Death-Related Issues
Family Breakdown and Child Welfare
Family Violence
Indigenous Issues and Indigenous Sentencing Courts
International Links
Legal and Judicial Education
Legal Practice

Problem-Solving Courts 
The Concept of Therapeutic Jurisprudence
Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Judging
Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Regional Areas