New Research Report on Perpetrator Interventions in Australia with ANROWS and Monash University

By Zak Gaddie 20/07/2020

This project, by Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Jane-Maree Maher, Kate Thomas, Jasmine McGowan, Jude McCulloch, Jessica Burley and Naomi Pfitzner, contributes to an understanding of judicial views, understandings and practices in relation to perpetrator interventions and how these views may influence overall perpetrator accountability within the system of perpetrator interventions.

This report can be accessed and freely downloaded at

The project focused on perpetrator interventions that are available to courts to address DFV, namely:

  • sentencing for DFV-related offences
  • family violence intervention orders (FVIOs)
  • perpetrator intervention programs, including voluntary or mandated behaviour change programs and other offender programs, case management and clinical services targeting DFV perpetrators.

Through looking at the role that judicial officers play in administering these three types of perpetrator interventions, the project aimed to support the development of judicial information and guidance to enhance the effective use of perpetrator interventions in Australian state and territory courts.

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