About AIJA membership

The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration (AIJA) is an association of like-minded professionals, drawn from all levels of the judiciary, legal profession, and broader justice community, who are committed to excellence in the administration of justice in Australia, New Zealand and the pacific region.

Membership of the AIJA is open to all with an interest in the administration of justice. Those with a particular interest in our work include:

AIJA members are committed to

  • The rule of Law
  • The integrity of the justice system
  • Equality of access to justice
  • The independence of the judiciary
  • Excellence in the administration of justice
  • Achieving practical reform on contemporary issues
  • Effective and efficient court administration

Membership Benefits include

  • Access to leading publications and specialist research
  • Access to a forum of like-minded individuals sharing knowledge and experience across geographies, jurisdictions, courts, tribunals, positions, and professions
  • Discounted rates to attend conferences and educational programs
  • Opportunities for involvement in education and research projects
  • State, national, and international networking contacts

Membership Fees

There is no joining fee for membership, just an annual fee.

Discounted fees are offered for those who are retired; students; full-time academics, court librarians, those residing outside Australia, and those who are employed by a sponsor organisation.

If you would like further information about AIJA membership please contact the AIJA:
T: 61 2 8099 2612 or email to: aija@aija.org.au

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