AIJA Life Members

AIJA Life Membership is given to a member who has given especially meritorious service to the Institute.  They are elected as a Life Member of the Institute by the AIJA Council.
Also a person, whether or not a member, who has given outstanding service to the administration of justice, beyond the call of his or her ordinary duties, may with his or her approval be elected, in the case of a member, as a Life Member, and in the case of a non-member, as an Honorary Life Member of the Institute. Election shall be by the AIJA Council.

Current AIJA Life Members


2023 The Hon Justice Jenny Blockland AO
2023 The Hon Susan Kenny AM
2023 The Hon Steven Rares KC
2021 The Hon Robert W Gotterson AO KC
2021 The Hon Michelle May AM KC
2019 Dame Sian Elias GNZM PC KC
2018 Ms Jane Reynolds
2017 Professor Greg Reinhardt
2017 The Hon Justice Robert Mazza
2016 The Hon Robert French AC
2015 The Hon Justice Patrick Keane AC
2014 Mr Laurie Glanfield AM
2014 The Hon Justice Virginia Bell AC
2013 Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Cannon AM
2012 The Hon Justice John Byrne RFD
2011 Ms Mary Ann Yeats AM (former judge District Court of Western Australia)
2010 Magistrate Megan Greenwood
2009 The Hon Murray Kellam AO
2009 His Excellency The Honourable Peter Underwood AC
2008 The Hon Geoff Eames AO
2007 The Hon Geoff Davies AO
2007 The Hon Robert Nicholson AO
2006 The Hon Justice Marcia Neave AO
2004 The Hon Bernie Teague AO
2003 Mr Stephen Skehill
2001 The Hon Neil Buckley
2001 Mr David Jones AM (former judge County Court, Victoria)
2001 Mr Warwick Soden OAM
2000 The Hon Justice Sally Brown AM
1998 The Hon Sir Gerard Brennan AC KBE
1998 The Hon Trevor Olsson AO
1997 Professor Peter Sallmann
1996 The Hon John Clarke QC
1996 The Hon Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE
1996 Ms Lynn F Pollack
1994 The Hon Brian Beaumont AO
1991 Mr Gary Byron AM
1991 Mr Lindsay Collins
1991 Professor Ian Scott
1991 The Hon Glen N Williams AO
1991 The Hon Sir John Young AC KCMG
1990 The Hon Dennis Mahoney AO
1987 The Hon Richard McGarvie AC
1986 The Hon Sir Walter Campbell AC
1986 Mr James N Creer
1986 The Hon Daryl Davies
1986 Mr David Harper OAM
1986 The Hon Justice Peter Heerey AM
1986 The Hon Douglas McGregor
Principal Founder
The Hon Russell Fox AC