Judicial Officers

The AIJA is a national body representing all constituencies of Australasia's judicial system.  Independent of government or other external influences, the AIJA is dedicated to achieving practical reform in the administration of justice in all jurisdictions.

Through the many services provided by the AIJA, members can readily enhance their skills and access the information needed to assist them in carrying out their judicial functions.

How judges, magistrates, masters and other judicial officers benefit from membership of the AIJA:

Course and seminars
The AIJA conducts regular courses and seminars on topics designed to assist judges and magistrates in updating their skills and knowledge.  These have included topics such as case management, long trial management, forensic psychology and the use of technology in the justice system.

The AIJA conducts a biennial seminar for Appellate Judges. 

Conference program
The AIJA's general conference program provides outstanding professional forums for judicial officers to share their ideas and experience.  Conferences focusing on topics as varied as court governance, case management and self-represented litigants play an important part in enhancing the administration of justice in Australia. 

Research and information
Ongoing research undertaken by the AIJA enables judicial officers to access specialist reports on issues relating directly to their work.  Issues include the nature of expert evidence and communication with juries.  The AIJA's centralised database is an invaluable complement to the research program.  Members receive access to all research reports.

International network
As membership of the AIJA is open to judicial officers from overseas jurisdictions, opportunities for the sharing of experiences and perspectives at an international level can be realised.  The AIJA's international links assist in identifying sources of judicial administration assistance overseas and planning study programs.