Legal Practitioners

The AIJA is a national body representing all components of Australia's courts and tribunal system.  Independent of government or other external influences, the AIJA is dedicated to achieving practical reform in the administration of justice in all jurisdictions.

Through the many services provided by the AIJA, members can enhance their skills and access the information needed to deal with practical day-to-day issues and respond appropriately to the community they serve.

How practitioners benefit from Membership of the AIJA

General conference program
The AIJA's general conference program provides excellent opportunities for legal practitioners to join with judicial officers and other justice system professionals in interactive forums.  The program is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and information, often with a view to stimulating change in the administration of justice.  The conferences deal with key issues such as case management, trial delay and reform, dealing with expert evidence and proportionality.

Research and information
The AIJA's ongoing research program provides practitioners with ready access to a range of specialist reports on issues relating specifically to the administration of justice.  Issues include the use of technology, the management of complex trials and expert evidence.  The AIJA's centralised database can assist practitioners with research in relation to a wide range of judicial administration topics.  There are also opportunities for members to make contribution to discussion and research into court related matters and professional practice.

The AIJA promotes research that will bring about the harmonisation of practice and procedure throughout Australia and facilitate the work of practitioners operating in a federal system.  For example, the AIJA participated in the project of the Council of Chief Justices to harmonise corporation’s law rules throughout Australia.