Tribunal Members

The AIJA is a national body representing all aspects of Australia's judicial and administrative review systems.  Independent of government and other external influences, the AIJA is dedicated to achieving practical reform in the administration of justice in all jurisdictions.

Through the many services provided by the AIJA, tribunal members and administrators can readily develop the skills and access the information they need to deal with practical day-to-day issues and respond appropriately to the communities they service.

How tribunal members and administrators benefit from membership of the AIJA

General conference program
The AIJA's general conference program provides regular forums for tribunal members and administrators to exchange ideas and experiences with other professionals working in the justice system, often with a view to enhancing the administration of justice.  Recent issues covered in forums include self-represented litigants, case management and delay.

Research and information
Ongoing research undertaken by the AIJA enables tribunal members and administrators to access specialist reports on issues directly relating to their work.  Issues include the nature of expert evidence and the interaction between the courts and the community.  The AIJA's centralised database is an invaluable complement to the research program.

International network
The AIJA's international links assist tribunal members and administrators to identify sources of assistance overseas and to plan study programs.