Past AIJA events 2000-2009


The Use of Interpreters in Courts and Tribunals, Fremantle, 12-14 March
Judicial Mediation: When Judges act as Mediators for the benefit of Citizens and Lawyers -
  Madam Justice Louise Otis, Quebec Court of Appeal, Melbourne 12 May
Australasian Court Administrators' Conference, Melbourne 14-15 May
12th AIJA Annual Tribunals Conference, Sydney, 4-5 June
AIJA Indigenous Courts Conference, Rockhampton, 5-7 August
Family Violence Conference, Brisbane, 1-3 October


Courts Interacting with the Public AIJA Workshop for Public Information Officers, Melbourne, 30 May
15th AIJA Oration in Judicial Administration, Melbourne, 30 May
AIJA Courts Governance Seminar, Melbourne, 31 May
11th Annual AIJA Tribunals Conference, Surfers Paradise, 5-6 June
4th AIJA Law & Technology Conference, Sydney, 25-27 June
AIJA Court Quality Forum, Sydney, 21-23 Sept
Lecture on International Family Justice, Melbourne, 30 Oct
4th AIJA Appellate Judges Conference, Melbourne, 6-7 Nov


Courts Governance in an Evolving World Twilight Seminar – Speech CJC Alternative Models of Court    Administration - Handout, Melbourne, 16 Jan
10th AIJA Tribunals Conference, Melbourne, 7-8 Jun
Working With Juries Seminar, Melbourne, 15 June
AIJA Discovery Seminar, Melbourne, 24 Aug
Indigenous Courts Conference, Mildura, Victoria, 4-7 Sept
25th AIJA Annual Conference, Melbourne, 12-14 Oct


AIJA Family Violence Conference, Adelaide, 23-24 Feb
AIJA Youth Justice and Child Protection Conference (in association with the South Pacific Council of Youth and
Children's Courts), Hobart, 3 Apr
9th AIJA Tribunals' Conference, Canberra, 6-7 Apr
14th AIJA Oration in Judicial Administration, Melbourne, 28 April
3rd International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Perth, 7-9 Jun
24th AIJA Annual Conference, Adelaide, 15-17 Sept


Case Management Seminar Report, Sydney, 25 Feb
AIJA Workshop on Domestic Violence Report, Melbourne, 8 Apr
South Australian Chapter Seminar "Bail or Remand in custody?" Further Issues and Developments,
Adelaide, 19 May
8th AIJA Tribunals' Conference Sydney 9-10 Jun7th AIJA Masters' Conference, Wellington, NZ 6-7 Oct
23rd AIJA Annual Conference, Wellington, NZ 7-9 Oct
South Australian Chapter Seminar "Face to Face: Results in Adult Conferencing",Adelaide, 23 Nov


2nd AIJA Appellate Judges' Seminar, Sydney, 29-30 Apr
'The Growth in Tribunal Power' A Discourse by Chief Justice Marilyn Warren, Melbourne, (The Victorian Chapter of the Council of Australasian Tribunals (COAT), in collaboration with AIJA and Monash University Law School), Melbourne, 7 June
7th AIJA Tribunals Conference, Brisbane, 10-11 Jun
Child Witnesses - Best Practice for Courts, Sydney, 30 July
Self-Represented Litigants Forum, Sydney, 17 Sept
22nd AIJA Annual Conference - "Proportionality: 'Cost-Effective Justice", Sydney, 17-19 Sept
Court Technology Update Conference - (AIJA & Sir Zelman Cowen Centre), Melbourne, 20-21 Oct
Jury Research Conference (with Canberra University Court of the Future Project & Melbourne University), Melbourne, 19 Nov


Lecture by The Hon Claire L'Heureux-Dub? 'The Supreme Court of Canada in the Era of Globalisation',
Melbourne, 21 Feb
'Theory Meets Reality' A Seminar on Restorative Justice', Adelaide, 8 May
6th AIJA Tribunals Conference, Sydney, 5-6 Jun
6th AIJA Masters' Conference, Perth, 18-19 Sept
'New Challenges, Fresh Solutions' 21st AIJA Annual Conference, Fremantle, WA, 19-21 Sept
13th AIJA Oration 'The Centenary of the High Court: Lessons from History', The Hon Murray Gleeson, AC,
Chief Justice of Australia, Melbourne, 3 Oct
National Judicial Orientation Programme (with the NSW Judicial Commission and the National Judicial College
of Australia), Sydney, 13-17 Oct
Judicial Dispute Resolution Seminar, AIJA SA Chapter, Adelaide, 9 Dec


5th AIJA Tribunals' Conference, Melbourne, 6-7 Jun
Future Directions: Courts and Indigenous Cultural Awareness Conference, Alice Springs, 12-14 Jun
2nd AIJA Sheriff's Seminar, Brisbane, 12 Jul
20th AIJA Annual Conference, Brisbane, 12-14 Jul
Judicial Forum (hosted by the Beijing People's High Court), Beijing, China, 28 Jul-2 Aug
2nd AIJA Magistrates Conference, Brisbane, 13-14 Sept
12th AIJA Oration, 'The People's Court - Into the Future',  Mr Ian Gray, Chief Magistrate of Victoria,
Brisbane, 13 Sept
National Judicial Orientation Programme, Sydney, 21-25 Oct
AIJA Technology for Justice 2002 Conference, Sydney, 20-22 Sept


The Rise and Rise of Diversionary Courts: "Therapeutic Jurisprudence" or "Feel good Law?",
Adelaide, SA Local Chapter, 3 May
4th AIJA Tribunals' Conference, Sydney, 8 Jun
11th AIJA Oration, 'The Judiciary in Federation Centenary Year - Bad News, Good News, No News' by
The Hon Justice Michael Kirby AC, Sydney, 22 Jun
AIJA Magistrates' Conference, Melbourne, 20-21 Jul
AIJA Sheriffs' Conference, Hobart, 21 Sept
19th AIJA Annual Conference, Hobart, 21-23 Sept
National Judicial Orientation Programme, Sydney, 21-25 Oct
Joint AIJA/VSCL Legal XML & E-Filing Seminar, Melbourne, 25-26 Oct
Appellate Judges Conference, Melbourne, 30 Nov-1 Dec


Fifth Biennial Masters' Conference, Auckland, NZ, 26-28 April
Criminal Trial Reform Conference, Melbourne,   24-25 March
Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Seminar, Marysville, Vic, 31 Mar - 2 April
3rd AIJA Tribunals Conference, Melbourne, 9 June
10th AIJA Oration 'Constitutions and Courts', Sydney, 16 June
18th AIJA Annual Conference, Darwin, 14-16 July
AIJA Biennial Court Librarians' Conference, Sydney, 18 July
National Judicial Orientation Program, Sydney, 6-10 August
Technology for Justice Conference 2000, Melbourne, 8-10 October