Past AIJA events 2010-2019


Justice for Young People: Identifying challenges and finding solutions for youth and children's justice in Australia and New Zealand, 8-9 November, 2019


9th Appellate Judges Conference, 1-2 November, Brisbane

Forces of Change - Defining Future Justice, 25-26 May, Brisbane

22nd AIJA Oration in Judicial Administration - The Adaptability of the Common Law to Change, 24 May, Brisbane


AIJA Probate Workshop, 30 October, Adelaide

10th Court Librarians' Conference, 6 October, Sydney

AIJA Court Media Officers' Conference, 31 Aug - 1 Sept, Sydney

The Second International Conference on Non-Adversarial Justice6-8 April, Sydney



8th Appellate Judges Conference, 20-21 October, Melbourne

AIJA Indigenous Justice Conference, 25-26 August, Alice Springs

AIJA Court Media Officers’ Conference, 4-5 August, Brisbane

Improving Court Practice in Family Violence Cases, 15-17 June, Melbourne

A Symposium: Challenges of Social Media for Courts & Tribunals, 26-27 May, Melbourne


AIJA Court and Legal Industry Media Officers’ Conference, 19-20 November, Adelaide

21st AIJA Oration in Judicial Administration The Contours and Prospects for Indigenous Recognition in the Australian Constitution, and Why it Matters, 16 October, Melbourne

9th Court Librarians Conference, 21 August, Melbourne Symposium:  Access to Justice - taking the next steps (in conjunction with

Access to Justice - taking the next steps (ACJI), 26 June, Melbourne

Justice Without Barriers: Technology for Greater Access to Justice, 21-22 May, Brisbane

Cultural Diversity and the Law: Access to justice in multicultural Australia, 13-14 March, Sydney


6th International Association for Courts Administration (IACA) Conference, 24-26 September, Sydney

AIJA Public Information Officers' Conference, 23-24 October, Melbourne

AIJA Australasian Court Administrators’ Conference - Promoting More Effective Relations Between Judges and Court Staff, 23 September, Sydney

20th AIJA Oration in Judicial Administration - 'The Jackson Reforms and Civil Justice', 22 September, Brisbane

7th Appellate Judges Conference, 11-12 Sept, Brisbane

ACAG Courts Technology Group Forum, 18 July , Melbourne

Assisting Unrepresented Litigants - A Challenge for Courts and Tribunals Conference, 15-17 April, Sydney 


AIJA Seminar on Restorative Justice Alternatives to the Criminal Justice System for certain kinds of sex cases,
28 November, Melbourne (An edited DVD of the seminar is available from the AIJA for AUD$15.00)

AIJA Indigenous Justice Conference, 18-19 July, Adelaide

AIJA Public Information Officers' Conference, Social Media and the Courts, 13-14 June, Sydney

Effective Communication for Tribunals, 6-7 June, Brisbane

8th Court Librarians' Conference17 May, Sydney AIJA Workshop on Interpreters in Courts and Tribunals,
5 April, Sydney

Asia Pacific Courts Conference 2013 - 'The Pursuit of Excellence and Innovation in Courts and Tribunals',
8-9 March, Auckland

19th AIJA Oration in Judicial Administration - 'Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China: the Continuity of the Common Law Tradition', 7 March, Auckland 


Australian Drug Court Conference, 9-10 November, Melbourne

18th AIJA Oration in Judicial Administration - 'Managing Change in the Justice System', 14 September, Brisbane

Doing Justice for Young People - Issues and Challenges for Judicial Administration in Australia and New Zealand Conference, 23-25 August, Brisbane

The Tribunal of Tomorrow, 7-8 June, Sydney

Critique of Civil Justice Reforms in England, Professor Dame Hazel Genn, 17 April, Melbourne

AIJA Public Information Officers’ Conference - 'Courts Interacting with the Public, 30 March, Brisbane

AIJA and National Judicial College of Australia Discovery Seminar, 23 March, Melbourne


AIJA Australasian Court Administrators’ Conference - Australian Courts: Serving Democracy and its Publics,
6-7 October, Sydney

AIJA Criminal Justice in Australia and New Zealand - Issues and Challenges for Judicial Administration,
8-9 September, Sydney

17th AIJA Oration in Judicial Administration -'Vulnerable Witnesses in the Administration of Criminal Justice''
7 September, Sydney

14th AIJA Tribunals Conference, 9-10 June, Melbourne

Child Protection in Australia and New Zealand - Issues and Challenges for Judicial Administration Conference,
5-7 May, Brisbane

7th AIJA Court Librarians' Conference, 1 April, Melbourne


Science and the Courtroom (YouTube) Lecture by Justice Ian Binnie, 1 December , Melbourne

16th AIJA Oration in Judicial Administration, 4 November, Melbourne

13th AIJA Annual Tribunals Conference, 10-11 June, Brisbane

Non-Adversarial Justice: Implications for the Legal System and Society Conference, 4-7 May, Melbourne

Courts Interacting with the Public AIJA Public Information Officers Conference, 30 April, Melbourne

Mental Health Issues and the Administration of Justice Conference, 18-20 February, Auckland, New Zealand