Guide to Judicial Conduct – Third Edition (Revised)

Revised 2023

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This is the third edition of the Guide to Judicial Conduct (revised). The most recent revision being October 2023. The Guide is published by the AIJA on behalf of the Council of Chief Justices of Australia and New Zealand.

It has been acknowledged in previous editions that the Guide was first published as a result of a decision by the Council of Chief Justices of Australia to state principles relating to judicial conduct for the guidance of members of the judiciary. The initial work was undertaken by the Hon S J Jacobs AO QC, the Hon M J R Clark QC and the Hon B J Cohen QC.

The Guide provides principled and practical guidance to judges as to what may be an appropriate course of conduct, or matters to be considered in determining a course of conduct, in a range of circumstances. It is by maintaining the high standards of conduct to which the Guide aspires that the reputation of the Australian judiciary is secured and public confidence in it maintained.