Seed Funding

The AIJA is interested in working with academics to develop proposals for research projects. It is offering financial assistance to provide an incentive for academics to prepare ARC grant applications in areas of AIJA interest. Broad areas of research identified as relevant to judicial administration are:

  • the proportional use of judicial resources for optimum practical effectiveness
    and efficiency; and
  • public perceptions and understanding of the justice system.

Included in these broad areas are:

  • the examination of the relationship between the principles of adjudicatory independence
    and administrative accountability;
  • a comparative analysis of reforms in the justice system in other jurisdictions;
  • performance measurement, including the creation of best practice models for the
    introduction of bench-marking and yardstick competition models in the courts;
  • proportionality, namely, the proportion of the value of claims expended on legal
    costs and the expenditure of court resources to meet the instances and areas of
    greatest need and access to justice.

Inquiries and applications for funding should be directed to:

Alison MacDonald
Executive Director, AIJA