Bugmy Bar Book (external resource)

Bugmy Bar Book Project Committee (external)2024



The Bugmy Bar Book is a free, evidence-based resource for lawyers and legal decision-makers, as well as policy-makers and other professionals.

Access it here: www.bugmybarbook.org.au

Project Contributors

The Bugmy Bar Book Project Committee is comprised of representatives of key justice agencies (including the NSW Public Defenders, NSW Director of Public Prosecutions, Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Limited and Legal Aid NSW, the judiciary (including nominees from the Supreme Court of NSW, ACT Supreme Court, District Court of NSW, Local Court of NSW, Local Court of the Northern Territory, ACT Magistrates Court and NSW Judicial Commission), senior legal academics from UNSW, ANU and UTS, and members of the private legal profession.

Although the project originated and is based in NSW, the resources are designed for use across all Australian jurisdictions and the committee engages with stakeholders Australia-wide.